New Work in the making – success and failure

Hi there , still busy and working away here in Dublin. We are still under strict lockdown rules here, stay within our own 5km and only essential retail open and no restaurants, cinema or outdoor gatherings at all really… it’s been tough and we are now officially a year in lockdown !

I have been busy making new work and I thought I would share a few sneak peaks at what I’m doing and give a little insight into the successes and failures of working with porcelain clay.

New large porcelain paperclay piece which is now collapsed!

The new work above is one of a pair of coral/honeycomb pieces and today this piece collapsed ! Working with clay can be precarious and this piece was too heavy and laden with clay so it caved in and collapsed! A lot of time and energy wasted but you live and learn and I will need to be careful with the replacement piece and take it a bit slower.

Life as a ceramic artist involves ups and downs, successes and failures and you just have to get used to this. I try to improve my process and hope that these failures make you a better more experienced artist in the longer term and that you learn from them.

Maquette of new hanging piece

I am working away on my collaborative piece with Artist Anne Curran for the Artnetdlr forthcoming exhibition, things are coming together and I can’t wait for this exhibition and for a chance to show our collaboration. The image above is new hanging work in the making and I can’t deny I struggled with the design but I have worked at it and it’s coming together now.

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