Sculpture in Context exhibition now finished

Sculpture in Context in The National Botanic Gardens is now finished. I really enjoyed taking part in the exhibition this year as it was the 35th anniversary of Sculpture in Context.

It was my third time to be selected this year but only my second time to exhibit as the exhibition was cancelled last year due to Covid. I have made some new friends and renewed acquaintances with old friends. It’s a wonderful community of artists.

I love to see people’s reactions to the work and this year especially as we had really just emerged from Covid in Ireland. I managed to get out to the exhibition quite a number of times this year and was amazed at the crowds of people all enjoying the Autumnal weather and walking around viewing the work both indoors and outdoors.

My family have been a great support to be and helped with the takedown of “Magnolia Climbing” and my daughter Saoirse did a little take down video which I have attached here.

Now I will have to work on my next project !

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