“Land/Marks” exhibition travels to Kilkenny

Natural Rotation 2023

“Natural Rotation” hangs and gently rotates in the air, it’s shadow is integral to its form. Porcelain ceramic sculpture with acrylic disc 42cm diameter x 75cm.

Alternative view

This is the fourth in the LAND/MARKS triennial group exhibition series which continues the ethos of celebrating the diverse range and breadth of contemporary ceramic work being created in Ireland and by Irish Artists outside of Ireland.

Location: DCCI National Design & Craft Gallery, Castle Yard, Kilkenny from 15th Feb until 23rd May 2023.


Installation view
Outside the venue

Current Exhibitions December

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas .. For those interested in viewing any of my work, I have a couple of places you can go to.

The Open Window Gallery, Rathmines Rd, Dublin 6 has a few wall framed pieces and some of my sculptures for sale. Enquiries to Deirdre at https://www.theopenwindowgallery.com/

Tiny golden eggs 2022

ArtnetDLR Here Now exhibition opens on 15th December at 6.30pm. The work has been selected by Dorothy Smith ARHA. I am delighted to say one of my framed pieces “Golden Time” has been selected for this exhibition. See website for more detail


Golden Time 2022 44cm x 54cm

“Pause” Exhibition ArtnetDLR

The “Pause” Exhibition will be opened today in Walters Dun Laoghaire by Frank Curran Chief executive of DunLaoghaire Rathdown Council.

“interlude” 2022 ( 44cm x 54cm )

The work in the exhibition was chosen by the renowned sculptor Rachel Joynt with Curation by Louise Neiland. I am delighted that my framed porcelain work “Interlude” was chosen and included here in this exhibition, running for the next month.

See link below to see information on all the work which is available to purchase online –


Update: This work is now Sold and is needed for a presentation so will be removed 18th October and I will place another work in its place.

Details to follow.

The Art Riddler Exhibition

The Art Riddler is a really intriguing concept, he wants to altruistically give back to artists. He genuinely wants to give a high quality exhibition opportunity to emerging artists in the pulsing city centre of Dublin. Studio 10 the venue in Wicklow Street Dublin has high ceilings and large bay windows overlooking the busy street below. A highly accessible location for anyone interested in viewing a gloriously curated collection of high quality art in Ireland today.


The exhibition opens Friday 7th at 6pm-9pm and runs for the weekend.

“Lantern Flow”

I am delighted to say that one of my sculptures “Lantern Flow” has been accepted and is installed in the glorious bay window on the first floor.

Lantern Flow , 17 fishing lines of porcelain pieces hanging and swaying from an acrylic disc of 37cm. The piece is approx 200cm in length.

The lanterns in the title are the seeds of the Chinese Lantern or Physalis Alkekengi plant. These long Plant stems where taken from Pauline’s beautiful garden last year and dried upside down in my studio. The seed heads have a strength that allows liquid porcelain clay to be applied to them and fired in my kiln. The organic material is destroyed but the clay remains leaving this wonderful memory of its presence. Porcelain slip when high fired has a delicacy but also a glass like strength as they sway and gently move in the air.

I hope people can get in to see this marvellous exhibition of work The Art Riddler has put together in Dublin for all to see. All sales are commission free to Artists at this exhibition.

Thank you Art Riddler whoever you are!

“Fresh Eyes” with Amy Kennedy

I have undertaken a writing process for the month of September with the Artist Amy Kennedy, in which we look at our work through fresh eyes. We use a speed writing technique which is done daily ( for me in the evenings, for artists in Australia its their morning) I am half way through and really enjoying the challenges and enjoying the writing process and i feel its awakening a writing muscle in me which i needed to reawaken. Its been interesting and surprising sometimes and good to hear from other artists about their similar struggles and achievements. I will post again at the end of the process.

Amy Kennedy ceramicartist instagram details – /https://www.instagram.com/amykennedyceramicartist/

Amy Kennedy Website – http://amy-kennedy-nqu6.squarespace.com/blog