Autumn colour in the hills

It’s a wonderful time to get out in the hills as the leaves are changing into wonderful autumnal colours, reds , golds, browns all shades of green in there too.

Out walking

I love to collect a few seed heads of common plants for artistic inspiration. I spotted quite a few colourful toadstool mushrooms which I didn’t go near as I have no knowledge and I wouldn’t even risk touching one of these fungi but I do love to photograph them and love the gills 😀

The full Video of my ceramic installation “Nature’s Window”

Natures Window

I’m so proud of this little video taken up in The Dublin Hills overlooking the city of my ceramic installation “ Nature’s Window”. The birdsong was recorded during the early part of the lockdown this year in May 2020 in the exact same spot when I was struck by the simple beauty I found all around me. I was inspired to create a series of porcelain ceramic sculptures that I feel echo the beauty I see up there. When the work was installed it seemed to come to life and created a spiritually still energy. All was forgotten in the busy city below and cares and woes erased in Nature’s Window.

I would like to thank all my family for all their help putting this together, and most especially my husband Mark.

Thanks also to Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Council Arts Dept for all their support.

I hope people like the video and let me know your thoughts 😀

Into the woods

In such strange times as this it’s so fascinating to me that my walks up to the woods during the early part of the lockdown would lead to me creating and hanging work up there to photograph. I would never have conceived this idea had it not been for this strange set of affairs with this potentially life threatening Virus. There is such freedom now outdoors and it’s driving me anyway , into the woods ..

As we were hanging the work and it took more than me, a man stood in a nearby field observing us for a time , I wondered what he thought of it all..

A piece from “Natures window”

Working on my installation in the Dublin Hills this morning

The porcelain turns dark against the city view

The weather was perfect, no rain for once ! and the sun came out before the rain came down and caused me to stop for the day. I took plenty of photographs and some video work was done, I now need to assess what I got today.

The view in the other direction which is strikingly beautiful