Working on my installation in the Dublin Hills

Sculptures hanging in the trees of Dublin
The porcelain turns dark against the city view

Today i was up in the hills working on the installation of my sculptural and sound piece in the hills called “Natures Window” I had some family help, I certainly could not have done it without them. We needed to get a transparent line rigged up between the two main trees on either side of the “window”. I had tree huggers to protect the trees from any damage. We needed a ladder and plenty of organisation especially when you are dealing with porcelain clay ! The weather was perfect, no rain for once that week and the sun came out before the rain came down and caused me to stop for the day. I took plenty of photographs and some video work was done. You try your best with these things and get as many angles and photos , videos as you can and hope you have got enough.

Porcelain sculptures hanging in the trees above Dublin with Artist Andrea Kavanagh
The view in the other direction which is strikingly beautiful
Porcelain Sculptures in the trees
Emerging Artist 2020 DLR

I was setting up my camera working on my installation , checking the area and testing the light a few days before , trying to judge how the installation was going to work.

Its wonderful to see the changes in this spot through the months of going up there. I was very honoured to receive a bursary from DunLaoghaire Rathdown County Council as one of their Emerging Artists for Visual Arts in 2020.

the window on south Dublin, a view of the city from the hills

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