Springtime and new work

1st February onwards in Ireland is the beginning of our Springtime, what a wonderful time in the calendar. Birds start singing again so beautifully. I was in a forest the other day and the sound of the birds singing was just so refreshing after the long quiet winter. Have a listen below to a little recording I made.

Early Birdsong recorded February 2021

I too am busy with new work, creating and designing.It’s a busy time and as I always say I am lucky to work from my home studio. See one of my new pieces in the making below, the cell structure and hexagonal shape of the honeycomb fascinate me. Examples from nature are beehives ,honeycomb and wasps nests. The cell structure is a hexagonal mathematical shape and I love they way it holds together structurally. We had a wasps nest in our attic a few years ago and that paper structure was amazing to hold ( once abandoned!) It was made from paper/wood pulp. My piece is inspired by these hexagonal natural shapes, it’s a strong structure and hopefully mine holds up well in the kiln.

Sneak peek of new Porcelain work in the making, hexagonal shapes in nature fascinate me
Uplifting Spring sunshine from Marlay Park Feb 2021

Some good news , I have been selected for the forthcoming ArtnetDLR Online exhibition “Transition” , photos and video to follow once that is launched. https://artnetdlr.ie/

In Ireland we learned today that our lockdown may well be extended until May 2021, this will be a blow if it is indeed true. We all have vulnerable family and if this is for the public good then we we will all need to embrace this extension of our lockdown..

In the meantime I will continue working and planning for new pieces and new opportunities to exhibit this year, hopefully some exhibitions will go ahead from the Summer onwards , fingers crossed 🤞

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