Sculpture in Context 2021

Sculpture in Context is now open in The Botanics Gardens Glasnevin in Dublin. It’s a marvellous show with work from over 100 artists from all over Ireland showcased in the gardens. 2021 is the 35th anniversary of Sculpture in Context and the 20th year it has been held in the Botanic Gardens!

My work is called “Magnolia Climbing” and it’s a porcelain ceramic wall installation, it’s positioned on the wall of The National Herbarium.

Magnolia Climbing
Me standing under the artwork to show scale
Magnolia climbing close up

The plant clings on and rises up the wall, curling and unfolding as it rises with its back to the pedestrian entrance of Glasnevin Cemetery, it faces the lush colourful gardens in bloom. It seems to straddle the two worlds , it’s blooms are eternal

Sculpture in Context runs daily until 16th October. Indoor work is in the gallery above reception, you will need to book a free ticket for entry otherwise it’s free entry to the grounds of The Botanic Gardens. Well worth a visit with friends and family

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